Laser as a tool

Deployment of lasers and laser technologies brings new dimension to the industrial production, which corresponds to the ever increasing requirements on improving its quality and efficiency. Modern laser systems and technology outperforms conventional tools by combination of speed, accuracy, efficiency and flexibility. Simplicity of operation and modesty of maintenance allow immediate and reliable integration into manufacturing process.

Lasers are used in the initial and final stages of production. They are commonly used for marking, engraving, cutting, drilling, welding ... Today, the laser has not longer considered just for an advanced technology only, but also as a tool that helps to do the job faster and with better quality.

Marking and Engraving

Whenever there is marking production task, is an elegant and effective solution use of laser. Laser with high precision creates on material surface mechanically resistant, very contrast and inimitable marking. Everything is done in one short operation without chemical additives and ink or mechanical interventions to material structure. A suitable laser type (Nd: YAG, Fibre, Nd: YVO4 or CO2) can mark practically any metal and nonmetal material. Marked surface can have variable shape and surface treatment. By parameters change, laser can continuously move from the surface marking of a few microns layer of material to laser engraving to greater depth.

Cutting and drilling

Industrial applications require material cutting into a complex shapes, cutting with high precision in small or frequently changing series are ideal for use cutting lasers. Drilling lasers are used everywhere it is necessary to drill small diameters holes. Cutted and drilled can be wide range of materials such as metals, plastics, natural and other materials.


Laser welding has many advantages that can not be achieved by any other technology. Since the laser action is only local, there is no thermal damage of weld area and that of the whole product. The actual weld is not porous and contains no foreign matter. Due to the high peak energy, laser can welds materials with high melting points and very reflective materials (Al, Au) too. Laser allows micro welds and can welds normally inaccessible places.

Applications of Industrial Lasers