Laser station AWW MediCom primary dedicated for laser welding of plastics

Laser welding station AWW (Automatic Welding Workstation) is primary dedicated for laser welding of plastics. As a laser source is used semiconductor diode laser emitting selected wavelength optimized for the specific application. Available are sources in power range from 30 W up to 200 W.

  • Diode lasers with power range from 30 W up to 200 W
  • Optimization of the process by selecting an appropriate wavelength between 780 - 980 nm
  • Programmable welding curve - profile of weld
  • Measurements of laser power in the process head - welding in power regulation mode
  • Remote measurement of temperature in welding spot - temperature regulation mode
  • Configurable diameter and focus spot shape - circular, elliptical and line form
  • Linear, planar or circumferential welding (cylindrical parts)
  • Quasi-Simultaneous welding mode using a deflection head - method of simultaneous welding across the whole weld curve

System Specification:

AWW (Automatic Welding Workstation)
Laser Type
semiconductor laser diode
Laser power
180 W (35, 50, 70, 100, 200 W)1)
Y, Z laser axis lift
300 mm
230 V, 50 Hz
Compressed air
> 6 bar
Power Consumption
1800 W
Station Size
1200 ( W ) x 2000 ( H ) x 800 (D)
Station Weight
480 kg
power > 60 W integrated cooling water-air; power < 70 W direct active air cooling
Operator panel
Simatic Touch Panel
Programmable parameters
1 - 16 welds with individual parameters power/temperature, weld speed in mm/s, weld profile - start and stop, position and length incl. overlap, monitoring of process parameters
1)alternative or optional design