LASERdiode LDI-S diode marking laser

LASERdiode LDI type S falls within a new generation of diode lasers notable for its small size, low consumption and minimal demand on maintenance.
It is intended to further integration into production lines, automatic stations and other OEM industrial installations.

The device consists of two independent parts - control electronics and laser head. The control electronics is placed in an independent cabinet and is connected to the laser by a moveable terminal with variable lenght.

The air-cooled laser is compact and robust at the same time with a very sturdy structure allowing horizontal as well as vertical installation.

The laser is always equipped with a deflecting head and its configuration of optics determines the size of the marking field. The laser can be expanded and modified with many optional accessories such as for instance dynamic focusing designated to marking in different heights without the need for vertical positioning (focusing) of the marked item into the level of marking.

The Laser can be furthermore equipped by more marking units. This enables simultaneous marking of more pieces or on the contrary marking of one piece on more places (even perpendicular) at the same time without moving it.

Thanks to its construction, the laser achieves great results in marking plastic mouldings, final products, electronic and electrotechnic parts and components, foils and labels or marking machine components. The laser can be used in automatic lines and stations in car and electrotechnic industry where it fulfils the highest demands on accuracy, quality and reliability.

Brochures and Technical Data

Brochure and Technical Data