Job shop - laser marking

In case you would like to use the laser technology for marking, engraving, or cutting your products or goods but buying your own laser system would not be profitable, we offer a great solution - let us do the job for you. We offer our customers high quality services provided on our own laser systems.

It is our intention to meet your demands. We are able to handle individual items as well as series up to 100,000 items. We can mark almost any industrial product, elox or stainless steel labels and dataplates, metallic and natural materials in short terms (upon request even over-the-counter). Engraving and marking of promotion gifts, even in small quantities, is a special category. These orders are noted for a wide variety of materials, shapes, and patterns. Thanks to our experience and equipment there is no problem in marking industrial products in series of thousands of pieces as well as marking tens of thousands of elox labels for distribution systems in power plants. We can easily manage orders for cutting rubber templates, holograms or metallic foils.

It is possible for us to evaluate optimum utilization of a laser system and to present a basic calculation on the basis of a phone call. Our regular customers are industrial corporations, trading companies, promotion agencies and other companies.